Friday, May 29, 2009

SDB Round 1 2009 - Suhaimi VTEC TURBO

Im putting Suhaimi's car in this special post due to the fact my brother requested that i shoot as much as i can on this car alone. This time, im lucky enough to snap when the hood was up as sometimes it doesnt open at all the whole night during previous race events.

I think from my past posts from many years ago, you can see how this car progressed until today and obviously the turbine aint getting any smaller. That night this car ran well but did not clock a good time to qualify into the quaters. As usual traction is the main issue behind this overpowered beast.

The car is nicely done up with everything well planned from bodyworks to engine modifications. I believe it is not cheap to run a private family team like this with big goal at heart to achieve better timing in every race. As long they keep pushing and trying, one day they'll break their target barrier.

The car should be pushing nothing less than 500whp at the moment. At this rate, everything has to be strong and bulletproof under the hood.

This is the same GME Racing team that fabricated some of the parts in my car. Im very happy with their craftmanship so far.

I wish Suhaimi and his team all the best for this year in Class-B.