Monday, May 18, 2009

Sani's Parts On The Way

(Taken using my IPhone)

Today i sent 2 big parcels to my brother in Ireland. The light weighted box i sent through POSLAJU Malaysia and the heavy box i sent through normal air mail parcel service. Believe it or not both boxes costed me nearly RM1k due to the weight and also volumetric size.

If both boxes went thru POSLAJU, i think it should be slightly more than RM1k.

During the mini restoration and paintworks, there are a few things my brother decided to change and luckily i managed to get for him all the parts listed below :

  • New B16A Timing Belt + Tensioner + Seals
  • New NGK Iriway 7 Spark Plugs
  • New B16A Water Pump + Seal
  • New HKS 3-Layer Replacement Element 150
  • New EBC Ultimax "Black Stuff" Front & Rear
  • Used Type-R Alternator
  • Used Nardi 3 Spoke Steering Wheel (We swapped steering wheels)

To be honest, i was quite surprised to know that some of the parts were out of stock in certain famous shops. Common parts are bound to be sold quickly due to wear and tear.

This shipment i was supposed to include my used 5Zigen Border 304 muffler but the heavy box was overweight. When i say overweight, it was more than 10kgs and according to the rules either i have to remove something or i have to pack another new box. I had to remove the muffler and prolly send it in the next shipment.

It was a long day for me and definitely not a cheap one.

ps. Ive decided not to snap the parts as you can SEARCH them in my blog. Nothing extra ordinary, just good chosen parts.