Monday, June 16, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project CAI Costing

Here is a rough figure to do the super CAI project. If you plan to use used parts or you have parts sleeping in your storeroom then the total cost will be cheaper :
  • New custom stainless steel tube RM2xx
  • New custom aluminium partition + rubber lining RM1xx
  • New SAMCO straight coupling hoses RM1xx
  • New HKS filter series 200 RM4xx
  • New BPi velocity stack RM3xx inclusive import tax
  • New SARD oil catch tank RM2xx
  • New GOODRIDGE steel braided teflon hoses and finishers RM2xx
  • New DEI heatwrap RM3xx
  • New J'S RACING FRP air-duct RM3xx
  • New flexi hoses RM1xx
  • New temporary plastic hoses RM5x

The total cost would be around : RM2xxx

I managed to save a bit since im using back my Sard oil catch tank and Goodridge finishers. I have to get another round of Goodridge steel braided hoses for this new setup. The used HKS SPF pod also managed to cut my budget a bit. The Samco reducers will definitely put a big hole through my wallet and the straight couplings saved my day.

Well its up to you if you want to do it cheaply, expensively, neatly, untidyly and etc. If budget permits i would have done everything in carbon kevlar and call it super-duper CAI project. Haha.