Sunday, January 01, 2012

Jeff's Intercooler Installation

I have re-added Jeff on the write-ups list though he has been out from the scene for quiet sometime i thought by updating his last mod could motivate him to do more things at his own pace. Jeff has been away due to long haul working hours and also a father to his newborn baby. Basically all the toys has been put in place like the new turbo, used evo intercooler and new engine stainless steel piping system.

With the new intercooler, he had to scrap the old painted bumper with another spare Mitsubishi bumper with a PU lip attached to it. My last meeting with Jeff was quite fascinating as i was given a chance to drive the car with an entirely new setup.

The brand new turbo spooled fast, the power response was good and i can feel the car kept going from 1st gear to the 4th gear. I couldnt pull to 5th as traffic interrupted my way. I went for 3 good laps and the car felt lighter on the butt and traction was another issue. Overall the car was quick and responsive for a normal street setup.

I believe Jeff could do better if he decides to run on his chosen EMS, better performance street tyres and maybe a branded LSD to put down that "not so powerful" power to the ground which could be lethal if it catches a good grip. For current power-hungry fans, Jeff setup could be probably be on the intermediate level compared to current modding scene.

For 2012 i have no idea what Jeff has plan for his car but i hope a few things more could satisfy his requirements and weekend fun. I also heard he mentioned about buying a VTEC. All the best Jeff.

*Photos were taken using Nokia mobile*