Sunday, January 01, 2012

Servicing - Same Old Story

Before this i was using the HKS i35 plugs. It was good and i had no issues. After using for quite sometime i had an urge of using back the NGK Iriway 7 which i used after my engine hybrid long time ago. If you are wondering the plugs were still fine with no misfiring issues but i just wanted my "ignition system" to be fresh and healthy. I prefer not to wait till it dies or jerking on my way home from McDonald. So far so good and the price is still the same range like many years ago.

Why didnt i go for the NGK Racing version? The NGK Racing is double the price and yes i have sick intention to try them only when i change my plug cables and maybe some upgraded aftermarket coils. Till then i just keep them on the wish list.

Motul is still on my top list of engine oils. Only problem is that the price seems to go up every damn year!. I have tried a few motor oil and i feel that Motul seems to be fine with my engine. I think there are other good engine oils but it depends where u send your car for servicing as they tend to stick to just a less than a handful to their likings.

There are plenty of spark plug choices and engine oils, but just be careful when it comes to CHEAP engine oil. Be fucking careful.