Sunday, January 08, 2012

Artiga - Looks Like I'm Not Late Afterall

When i blogged the other day about the Youngman Artiga, i thought i was the last one to talk about it even i knew it when it was released at Paultan's blog. Now, it seems something is cooking in the pot. The only thing i wanna know if this is gonna be under Youngman or Proton decided to take this prototype for mass production? Well it would be good if they can do both for domestic and international market. Young hearted people would love a 2-door sports car. In this video, I'm definitely loving the colour scheme of the car. Nothing much to complain about.

When u have local spare parts availability and Cusco on your back for aftermarket parts, i think it is matter of time when they decides to put the 2L engine. I cannot imagine but i can only hope.

Enjoy the vid.