Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Artiga @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2012

The 1st time i gotten to know about TAS was probably around year 1991 or 1992. I got myself an Option Car magazine and i was drooling looking at the aerokits on the JDM cars. Every year after that it was kind of an annual ritual. During those times you can only rely on magazines which made me subcribed to both Option and Option2 car magazine direct from Japan. One thing about their mags, they are hell thick and heavy. I quit reading them after i managed to get a hold of Turbo & Hi-Performance Magazine.

This year as much as people are excited about the new JDM cars, i was just excited about the Artiga. I guessed rumours were true and the car was unveiled in the recent TAS2012.

Another story is that they gonna sell the Neos in Japan. Check this out

So, looks like it is going round and round again. From Japan to Malaysia to China and back to Japan. I think those in Japan that likes hot hatches would probably go beyond normal mods. When you have Cusco parts as your aftermarket parts, R3 for your aerokits and the prototype Artiga as your target dream, sooner or later we should see people do crazy things to it.

If we cant get the Artiga the closest to reality, hopefully, maybe is the Neo R3 Supercharged.

Good things come to those who wait?