Monday, March 03, 2008

Sani's SKUNK2 EF/DA Camber Correction Kit

This is one opportunity that any EF/DA drivers should consider about. Nowadays you dont get to see new products being made for oldschool Hondas especially outside the engine bay.

After we got the news that SKUNK2 was going to release them, it was another joyful feeling i should say. We only plan to fix them when the SKUNK2 coilover kits arrives from America which has been pre-ordered. This time the Integra is going to be lowered nicely with the wheels out slightly.

As far as other models are concern like getting them used (commonly Cuscos) from the wreckers or new local made ones, its your call actually. I have heard real-life stories of people that had to spend more to extra-custom the brand new local made ones to get it fitted nicely. I think that would be the last desperation resort if SKUNK2 didnt make them.