Monday, December 18, 2006

My Fuel Pump Comparison

The first time when i did my engine hybrid, i was aftering a "bigger" fuel pump. The local scene was over-hyped with big sized factory fuel pumps as long its over-fueling for some sick reason. So far the big fuel pump families came from the Skylines, Supras and also RX-7s. So i had to choose out of the biggest to get the most descent for my setup. So i had to find a used RX-7 fuel pump. I managed to find one at a local wrecker and it was smooth. It was for the 1984-1992 version rated 220lph. It is actually quite hard to find infos on this particular fuel pump. They usually rate them between 210-220lph type. Part number is e3000-53395.

Few months back, i decided to upgrade to the famous Walbro fuel pump. As i know Walbro has many types with part number GSS-XXX and has different capacity output to suit your car. They also have a special "High Pressure" model. So does not mean you have a Walbro, its all 255 lph. Does not mean u have a 255 lph and you are in the high pressure category. Please refer to your GSS markings on the pump itself.

Walbro Comparison

Walbro 255 LPH

e3000-53395 (84-92 Rx7)

Price : RM480-520 (it may come with boxes and watnot)
Price to install : Ask your mechanic. Some fuel tank must drop down before installation.
Note : It is a bit noisy like a bitch whining inside the car (Im using GSS-342 255lph High Pressure)