Monday, December 11, 2006

Heatshield Products : Reflect-A-Tape

When i was shopping with my brother at N1-Racing, i decided to buy
the Heatshield Products tape for my car. Since Hizam and Zuhaili has
successfully installed on their cars, so i decided to join the team. The
main reason i bought the tape is because the heat generated underneath
the hood plus the surrounding heat is just too hot sometimes. Since im
concern about the chillness of my air-condition system in my car, so lets do
some preventive measures to ensure the rubber hoses arent melting.
  • Brand : Heatshield
  • Where : N1-Racing
  • Price : RM130/roll (RM100 after discount)
  • How long to install : 1-3 hours

[I would like to thank Hizam for the big help especially when i do not have
small hands to do DIY sometimes]