Monday, December 11, 2006

Shopping at N1-Racing : Apex'I N1 Racing Muffler + HKS SPF

Well my bro was here for 2 days/1 night last weekend.We head down the usual places like SS Racing, N1-Racing and R-1 Racing with Hizam. The plan was simple, clear and concise. We know what we were looking for and we went according to the plans. One good thing about planning is that you have more extra time to relax especially you know about the weekend jams, xmas shopping and some monsoon rain.

At SS Racing, the goodies that i like are the Aerocatch, Takata harness, DC2 Gruppe-M air intake, SE37K rims and the Apex'I toys. At R-1 Racing, everything was nice. Hizam and my brother drooled so much, they forgot to bring the buckets. Haha.

At N1-Racing, my brother wanted to buy the HKS with Titanium Tip muffler. Tho it looks good but i reckoned it wasnt meant for his car instead i persuaded him to get the Apex'I N1 muffler for NA. It was so nice and smooth. Then later he got himself a HKS SPF size 200/70 for his car. Even Melissa tried to convince us about the new "Reloaded", it was obviously ugly.

  • Apex'I N1 Muffler (2.5in) - RM880 (RM770.00 after discount)
  • HKS SPF 200/70 - RM300 (RM280.00 after discount)