Saturday, May 03, 2008

KK Trip : The Bloody Bent

Another early morning appointment for me and this time i had to settle the linkage problem. As you can see obviously something wasnt right when i removed the whole console box and it looks like that the linkage seems to be "short" and forced towards the front making it looked like im in 3rd gear.

When my mechanic removed the current gear linkage, im surprised to see the comparison length for both linkages. It was from a DA6 model too. After looking carefully, it looks like the extension rod (also known as a "torque rod" or a "stabilizer rod"), was slightly bent.

Since we didnt have much time to use a blowtorch(we didnt have any at the workshop also) to heatup the bent and fix the problem, my mechanic swapped it with the spare piece. We didnt even plan to swap the extension rod alone as we want to be sure both rods came from the same car.

We suspected that the linkage must have been pressed or pulled hard with other halfcuts during the shipment process.

The linkage swap was quick and the gear change feeling was so good after so long.