Thursday, May 01, 2008

KK Trip : Jeff's Proton Satria

When Jeff sent me his car pix after the paintjob, i wasnt pleased with the picture quality and somehow or rather i wanted to see the car in real life and give another round of comments. When i saw the car, im impressed with the paintjob and the combination with the white rims. At first i had some doubts about Jeff painting Mica Blue on a small 2-door car but it turned out well to be honest.

There are a few more things that i personally advised Jeff to make the car look nicer which was to change the headlights and signals for a start. Those Taiwanese-Altezza versions really doesnt suit the car now. Proton SE version headlights and signals would be appropriate as i told him repeatedly. Also the accidental painted intercooler piping need to be removed on the next touch-up process.

Again i have told Jeff that the car is almost done, a few more simple mods exteriorly would complete his list. A nice silverish see-thru tint and some creative front screen banner sums up everything. Other than that, that fully kevlar seat should be ass-hurting on long journeys.

Keep it down with the beng-ster ideas. Ha ha.