Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peter's New Garage Fukui Rear Bumper (Phoenix's Power)

Peter had the bumper long time ago sitting in his house garage due to the fact he hasnt got time to paint and swap the newbumper. Looks like the bodykit now is complete. When i look at the bumper, its more to functionality rather than style since you can see there are no low rear skirts on the mid bumper to increase air flow and not to scoop air beneath the car.

10 years ago i subscribed OPTION and OPTION2 magazines monthly direct from Japan. Every few months, i saw mods or advertisements from Phoenix's Power, its always about their sick and fast street prepped Toyota MR-2s. Their drag MR-2s are beyond my expectations. I would have chose the same brand for all the parts on the MR-2 if i had one.

If you like the brand, you can order directly from them