Thursday, May 08, 2008

KK Trip : The DA6 Story

The only thing i havent got much during my KK trip was time. If i had more time i would prolly settle a few more handful things for my brother's car. With the extremely hot weather and traffic jams around, i wasnt in the mood to drive during the day time and getting stuck isnt a nice thing with a heavy clutch.

This trip was mostly about the SKUNK2 products installations. There was always a tiny fear at the back of my head on the what-ifs the products wouldnt fit and so on. I guessed taking risks werent something new for me. Furthermore, in Japan DA6 aftermarket parts are either obsolete or people werent interested in knowing them anymore.

After the wheel alignment and few days of settling down, the front now has dropped to 2 fingers from 3 fingers height. The ride feeling was nice. Not too hard. Not too soft. It would have been a mistake to fix a 8kg front/6kg rear combination. I cruised around, dragged few times and went into few tight corners, the butt feeling was good. There wasnt much body roll with this stiffer springs. When i dragged i noticed the rear didnt squat much compared to before.

I reckoned it would be harder with aftermarket short stroke absobers with the adjustable coilover kit. But then again, im not the owner. Heh.

Anything that keeps this JDM DA6 alive, we'll take it home.