Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday Shootout : Hanafy's Honda Civic

Ive known Hanafy for few years now. If ive known him earlier and with a digital camera at that time, maybe we have few massive pages of his mods alone. From a strong natural aspirated(2.0L) to a turbocharged vtec(2.0L) and back to square one again, modest natural aspirated(1.6L) engine.

This JDM Honda Civic EG-8 has bits and pieces parts combination interior and exterior of the JDM Honda Civic EG-9 SiR. I dont think there is a need to complete the dream, what is most important now is being simple and clean. A few more distinctive emblems wont hurt the car.

Hanafy's Civic is powered by a mildly modded B16A engine. Koyo radiator, HKS Twin Power, Mugen 4-1 extractor, Toda flywheel and a few more toys under the hood.

As a passenger, i can feel my brain shaking as the car was stiffened by race engine mounts. The ride is definitely nice, a younger brother to my TEIN HA, which is the TEIN RA full coilovers absorbs the Malaysian pathetic roads.

When i look at Hanafy's car, it sometimes reminds me of Jeff's car. Something exteriorly needs to be upgraded. Just that little bit more.

I reckoned the car has a few more things to go if Hanafy decides to do his planning seriously. I think all the parts are just a call away.

Ive noticed the prices of EGs are awfully cheap now in the market. Cheaper than the EFs and DAs. If this is for keeps, then it should be different than the rest.