Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Honda CR-X Stanley Fog Lights

I have seen a lot of EF Civics and CR-Xs with the rectangular fog lights. Some of them are still using the original Stanley ones and few of them are using the JDM Koito's version fog lights which are slightly slimmer. The remaining rest are using god-knows-what-brand.

Either ways, if you want to use the original cut-out bumper position or bolt it between the bumper radiator air-ways, both positions are fine as long it serves the purpose and shine through the fogs (cold climate places especially).

Last Sunday we had some fog lights discussion and i was enlightened by the infos from Bob and An. I managed to snap some pix and looks like the Stanley model comes the bumper mounting. It fits both EF-8 and EF-9.

As you can see on the CR-X bumper, you do not have to cut like the Civic bumper as you can slide it thru from the top-back of the bumper. (Sorry i didnt snap from the back)

Rare item i would say but they are aplenty other aftermarket choices if you're not choosy. On EBay, the price should be around USD300-400 for the fogs alone. Round and rectangular models available. If you are lucky, it might come with the rubber seals together.