Friday, April 25, 2008

Mitsubishi Mirage VIE : The so-called ASTi to some people

Unknowingly since many years ago, i myself thought this was an ASTi bumper since i have seen them in real life marked at the wreckers fresh from the shipping containers. At first i did some simple research online and i noticed at the online buy/sell forums especially in Malaysia, these bumpers were catagorised as ASTi bumpers. So i stored them in my head.

Well somehow or rather i wasnt satisfied with all the infos i have heard, seen and read. I spent more time asking around and email few people around the world and looks like this misleading information is definitely fetching alot of money for some people. Believe it or not the price for this used bumpers, half or full-lights can actually cost you between RM400 to a sick RM850.

What so cool about these bumpers?
  • its a bolt-on to any Proton Wira, Satria and Putra
  • use back your original Proton fenders, signals and headlights
  • it has a similar lifted hood like the Proton hoods unlike the sinking Cyborg hoods
  • looks good on 4-door sedan like the original VIE
  • dont have to worry about tow-hook covers going missing and broken

What are the differences compared to Proton Wira?

  • Proton changed the hood to a buldgy front
  • Proton designed a new bumper with emblem
  • Proton changed the whole back so it doesnt look like a VIE or ASTi
  • No optional duckbill spoiler and rear wiper from Proton

So what about the real ASTi?