Friday, April 11, 2008

Mivek4doddle Radiator Thirst Quencher - Motul Inugel

I started to use the Motul Inugel since late last year. Wanted to try them earlier but couldnt get them from anywhere near my workshop area. So i had to go to another shop that sells them which wasnt near in my case.

I actually wanted to change my current stock factory radiator to a Koyo radiator before using this coolant but i found out my radiator was still good. No point changing when its not dying. Prevention is good but i dont see any near problematic signs at all. No cracks and no leaks. I have also checked out the China branded radiators at the same and hell they looked and worked as good as Koyo to be honest.

After many years of using tap water, ive decided to use the Motul Inugel. No doubt there are many other types of coolants and water wetters around, maybe it was due to the fact i want to use the same brand of products to make my life easier during every car service. You can choose whatever brand you want that u feel like using and fits your budget.

I chose this coolant for its anti-corrosion protection to maintain my stock factory radiator as long as possible. The thing is, when you service your car its good to flush the radiator once in a while. The sludge that has been hiding and collecting inside the radiator can be bad for your engine cooling system. No point of blaming tap water when you dont service your radiator for many years.

Im not worried about my radiator getting frozen, the heat in Malaysia boils a lot of things under the hood.

More information on the product :
  • 1 Liter Bottle
  • Ready to use cooling liquid Anti-corrosion and anti freeze, Protection -30°C/-22°F Nitrite free / Amine free / Phosphate free
  • Packaging (12-1 Liter Bottles/Case)
  • MOTUL INUGEL EXPERT is a ready to use cooling liquid, based on monoethyleneglycol, using an organic / non organic mix technology, named hybrid additives. This product can be mixed with all monoethyleneglycol based coolants.
  • Recommended for all cooling systems : passenger cars, heavy duty, construction and agriculture vehicles, gardening, ships, stationary engines …
Contains a bitterness agent to prevent from drinking : coolants and antifreezes have a sweet taste but are harmful. Protects the cooling system from freezing and metallic parts from corrosion. Provides an excellent thermal exchange and then engine cooling efficiency.
Both silicates and organic acids provide anti-corrosion properties that remain while ageing.
Seals, durits and plastic parts friendly.

Ready to use, do not add any water
Drain intervals : Refer to the manufacturers' recommendation.
This product should not be used to protect dinking water systems against freezing.