Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sani's SKUNK2 Adjustable Coilover Kit

Toys came in earlier than we expected. It actually arrived end of March but i was pretty busy to blog it up. After the so many headaches, ding-dongs and also parts comparison, we finally decided to get this kit.

Once in a while you need to pamper yourself with good new parts. It gives you an advantage and assurance at least for the next few years. Using used coilovers are common and good IF you decide to service them before you use. You never know when a leak is just about to burst out anytime.

TEIN SuperStreet VS SKUNK2 Pro-C VS SKUNK2 Adjustable Kit
The good thing about TEIN is that they have a TEIN service centre nearby. The other good thing about TEIN is they actually send their engineers to make coilovers for new local and imported cars.

The bad thing about TEIN, they made SuperStreet for the EF8/EF9 and not DA6. Price wise they are quite hefty brand new with 1-year warranty. The other bad thing is, if you decide to get the SuperStreet for the EF8/9 you would have to ask TEIN to custom your spring rates according to the DA6. With all the purschase cost and custom cost, its gonna be a bomb. Unforgetting if you had TEIN HA before, dont expect too much from the SuperStreets in comparison.

I have read the comments on HT about the new SKUNK2 Pro-C. Sounds like a TEIN Type-Flex for the DA6. The price is double from the SuperStreets. After hearing the price, the dream suddenly collapsed.

The SKUNK2 adjustable kit gives you the freedom to use any shock absobers either factory or aftermarket. The spring rates are according to your car chassis. The hi-lo adjustability gives you advantage to control the ride height. All you need to do is choose your shockers with or without hard/soft feature.

No doubt buying aftermarket coilovers would be ideal but since DA6 are old classics, lets live with what they have in store and hopefully fits your budget. If you are asking too much, sell the junk, get a Hyundai.