Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog Changes & Updates (11th April 2008)

  • I have changed my blog header from Backyard Special to Mivek4doddle for good due to the fact it makes life easier for Honda enthusiats to find their Backyard Special parts directly at . I should have named mine Frontyard Special ay?
  • I have added some mini profile and service supplement for myself. At the end of the day, i have devoted myself to using Motul after using so many engine oils. Sounds like im the lab rat!
  • There are no Satria Neo DIY tips and modications in my blog.
  • I have added Izrin's Perodua Kelisa in Friends label since he has been a very good friend for many-many years and he has started modifying his car as we speak. More updates on his mods in the next few week.
  • I have added many new links in Malaysian Car Forums and Mivec Related Links. Check it out.
  • I have added a special link bar for quad throttles fanatics.
  • Those seeking more infos on Honda wire-tucks, go to .
  • Those seeking low budget DIY battery relocation methods, go to .
  • SKUNK2 products are quite new in Malaysia. If i have the chance i would do some photo comparison between the Tuner series and Pro series camshafts for b-series.