Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sani's Spare DA6 Gear Linkage

Recently i went around and scouted for b-series linkages. Believe it or not there were abundance of ITRs and CTRs linkages compared to the non-R versions. If we had a DC or EK, life would pretty much be easier.

Last week, i went hunting with Jason and we managed to find a good DA6 linkage. Finding a DA6 linkage is similar to diving into Bermuda ocean and finding a 17th century old shipwreck. It was hard believe me. EF9 and EF8 wasnt hard to find but is you look harder there are a handful or two handfuls around.

My plan for this purchase was due to the fact that i felt something was not right with the current linkage. I know it wasnt a gearing or synchro problem, the linkage was just not right. I didnt manage to check the last time, so my trip this time is to make sure the linkage was okay.

The "IFs" :
  • If it was a bushing problem, we can swap it and keep the linkage as a spare in the museum.
  • If the linkage was bent during its lifetime in Japan, we have to swap it with the spare (current linkage came from the halfcut)
  • If the linkage was from another b-series, probably that was what causing the friction.

My plans if this was my linkage :
  • Swap the worn out bushes. Stock factory ones are ok. SuperPro would be good. JsRacing is definitely blue sweet and also pricey.
  • Change the gear stick to ITR. (No Circuit Hero extended stick for me, ha ha)

I have measured the linkage length and its 44.5 inches end to end. If i have the time next time im gonna measure every fucken b-series linkage for everyones sake. Maybe all these b-series are either 1-2 inches longer or shorter. We have yet to find out in the future.

Having a spare wont hurt, not having when u need one is painful.

Here is a good write-up i found online if you decide to use a newer b-series linkages into EF/DA chassis. My mechanic has done the similar modification before and its feels original.I have seen the workmanship and very neatly done.

Why didnt i just get the cheap ITR/CTR linkages and chop it off?. Maybe when i cant find any DA linkages in the future i might resort to this barbaric solution.