Monday, July 21, 2008

Milk, Cookies & ITBs

Sooner or later once i get myself a b-series engine to mod, im going to get another set of ITBs for my car. The dream seems to get clearer each day when i think about it. I have learned many things in the past that excites me to go through this path, again.

In reality, everybody wants torque. With a B16A, u can squeeze every blood of it and the torque isnt that much to talk about. Watch Omniman 200whp B16A DVD and you'll understand what i mean. To produce torque, you need air flow velocity. To get air flow velocity from ITBs, you need long, stepped runners.

Jenvey ITBs have short runners, and have hardly any step to them. The quality is nice, and they make good for high-end horsepower. Jenvey ITBs can be expensive when personal custom size and optimisation are concern.

There are people that seems to be debating about IM vs ITBs. ITBs are not for everyone especially if you are on a tight budget. A normal IM or aftermarket IM should be alright considering your budget vs power factors. A bare intake manifold compared to a fully dressed complete ITB setup is comparing apples to oranges. You need a suitable EMS to make full use of the ITBs performance.

In comparison, TWM comes in 2 sizes and 1 length. Jenvey come in 7 sizes and several lengths. Since TWM is cheaper than Jenvey, i think getting the TWM and figuring out how to modify the rest of the engine, pistons, cams, head work, would be a good start point of any build. Based on the engine setup and displacements changes, 1 size definitely do not fit all when it comes to ITBs.

As far as ITBs are concerned, you cant just take a set of 52mm ITBs and throw them on an engine and expect the world. If you match the wrong size ITBs with the wrong engine displacement, with the wrong size cams then of course you will hurt performance. Thus the reason in some cases you can make more power with a ported ITR manifold or Skunk2 intake manifold and just 70mm throttle body.

I rarely see people going to the track with TWM. Mostly drag racings. They seem to perform pretty well in higher RPM. Few said that the partial throttle and mid-range seriously suffers from the short runners and awkward linkage. Hmm.

A-Sports looks like a good kit. The design and fitment, throttle linkage, and overall quality is one of the best looking in the market but they seem to be old school toys at this moment of time. A-Sports work best on stock to moderately built 1.6-1.8L engines. They will choke out on fully race built 1.8-2.0L's.

Toda ITBs are great. The design and throttle linkage are top notch. I have heard great results on many 1.6-2.0L fully built b-series engines. They make great HP and torque throughout the entire power-band. The shitty part about Toda ITBs they aint cheap either.

I think if i really have the budget, a custom Jenvey setup will be my best bet. I think when it comes to ITBs, you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

ITBs vs IMs. Jenveys vs TWMs. Sheesh. Every ITBs on the market right now is good. It just depends on the combination.

The main question that you should ask yourself is "am i trying to push the limits of my engine? Or am i trying to be able to drive this on the street on a reliable daily basis?".

Im still dreaming, are you too?