Thursday, July 10, 2008

OBX Racing Sports "Shit Is Good"

I thought Omnipower was gonna release their ITBs but looks like OBX have released their ITBs earlier than expected. If you were to search the internet for OBX's ITBs chances you'd find more negative feedbacks about them. Im not sure what were the ill feelings they had towards OBX parts but from my point of view at least they are not mass products made in China or Taiwan. If they do, shit is hell good from the pix as you can see.

I believe some ppl has bought them and tried them already and its pretty hard to get online stories from them and dyno results. The pix shown here i found on the net were the clearest so far. You can try searching if you have free time.

You know and i know they look pretty identical and prolly 95-99% similar to the TODA design. One thing for sure they are 1/3 the price of a TODA and definitely better than the local custom made ones. Far hell more better with all the hidden cost included. If slight modifications and fabrications needs to be done, i think its not an issue at all.

Do or die, TODA aint gonna reduce their prices. With the import tax and international exchange rates, any shit that works is fine with me. Functionality is important as brand name can come later.

I have heard, seen and read JUN camshafts broken many times but they seem to be more popular than ever. On top of that, people complaining about TWM ITBs getting "sticky" and everytime when i buy a car magazine, they(TWM ITBs) seem to be pointing on my face like a tank's canon all the time. Hmm.

I have something to write about ITBs, maybe i'll blog them tomorrow.

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