Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rollcage Part 3 - After 2.5 Years & New Findings

Last week i have removed my bolt-on 6-point rollcage. One of my mechanic took 1 hour to remove them which was quite easy actually. Before that i had to remove my rear seats and panels to make way for the b-pillar removal.

Before cleaning the rollcage, i removed all the original paddings which were still intact. The paddings were original brand came with the rollcage and not those air-conditioning tube paddings which are slightly rougher. Some of the paddings were slightly torn so i had to remove the rest to make it neater.

When i removed the paddings, i saw the label on the b-pillar. Fucken hell, its SAFETY21. Ha ha. I recalled my old posting and did some research again. Believe me, anything that is Japanese brand even after translation, its really hard to understand if you can find it online.

Based on the lable and based on CUSCO and SAFETY21 rollcage catalog Ver.1 supplied by Carrosser :
CC4A/CA4A Mirage
Not sunroof 3-door
40mm Diameter
2mm Thickness
514 270 B20 (SAFETY21)
514 261 B (CUSCO)

The differences :
The SAFETY21 6-Point rollcage entire unit averages at about 24kg.
The CUSCO 6-Point rollcage entire unit average at about 18.5kg.

CUSCO chrome molybdenum used 33% percent lighter that a similar steel roll bar.
SAFETY21 are made in steel using cold drawn seamless carbon steel.

You can either choose CUSCO or SAFETY21. Based from the 2008 CUSCO Rollcage Catalog, they still do make SAFETY21 rollcages but no longer carry CUSCO chromoly rollcages for CC4A/CA4A. The newer version has street and race version from 6 to 15-point cages. The product numbers are all different too.

After all the new findings, Shinya Yamauchi the rally driver (late 80s and early 90s) prolly had his own rally team driving all Mitsubishi Colts and Evolutions. On the sticker stamped on the bar when i bought it, it was labeled "UNKLE - Shinya Yamauchi Rallye". They must have used lotsa SAFETY21 bars and rollcages for the whole team. I knew it was SAFETY21 just that i couldnt find any proof of marking on it until i removed the pads.

After 2.5 years and using them on my daily beater, indeed i feel scared sometimes if i happen to bump into the authorties or their frequent roadblocks (so many of them it feels like fugitives/criminals are running loose all the time in this country). They gave me lotsa sarcastic smiles, friendly warnings and also remarks about having a rollcage. They i meant the white and blue. Anything darker than blue you should eject your seat. No shit.

Maybe its due to the fact this is my only daily beater. If i had any spare car, it wouldnt be an issue at all but still like i said in my old posting, in my dreams it would only be legal.

Another thing is, it is a strict ruling that rollcages need to be stripped off for any engine downgrade/upgrade, sunroof approval and whatever shit u want to ask for approval at the JPJ.

Since its original SAFETY21 i would prolly paint it solid black again and restore it. That is why i have wrapped it nicely so i can bolt them back IF i have my spare car. If not i would prolly sell it if theres a buyer. I may not be taking high speed corners all the time, but i can feel the differences now obviously. Sigh.

For temporary, i purposely didnt Bondo the holes instead i used a strong silicone glue to cover it neatly. So far so good during heavy rain.

There are plenty of CUSCO rollcages information online. Just google it.