Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Azmin's Mitsubishi Evolution VII

It was the 1st day of the holy fasting month. Myself and Azmin took the opportunity to end this postpone-many-times special photoshoot. Our tongues were just hanging few inches from the ground trying to forget the killing thirst during the very humid, cloudy and yet maybe-anytime-going-to-rain weather.

Ive know Azmin from Hizam not for so long. He is a very nice humble guy. Didnt know he had a Honda before this Evolution 7 (If not i can ask him to plant a k-series, ha ha). Azmin is a very busy guy i must say. With the wedding bells just around the corner, i reckoned i was lucky to catch him at the right time.

He has a complete Chargespeed aerokit. Chargespeed carbon hood. Chargespeed Carbon bucket seats. A HKS Kansai Spoiler on top of the carbon boot. On top of the Chargespeed stuffs, he is a TRUST fanatic. I can actually count how many TRUST parts he has in the car.

Under the hood, he has a few TOMEI goodies to keep him going everyday to work. Behind the hideous and aggressive Advan RS rims are his massive Project-U rotors and calipers. I think the list of parts on this car are too long to mention. He he.

Hopefully we'll see more mods in the future.

Thank you for your time, keep it up!

(10 minutes after we left, a massive rain storm came like buckets of water)