Monday, April 30, 2007

TODA Timing Belt For B16A

No, its not for me but i wish it was. Another of my brother's toy. I guessed the recent incident about timing belt snapping during high rev opened a few sleeping eyes. In my own opinion, to be be safe and cheap, change the original belt every 30,000km which also makes a year of driving. But if you plan to rev more than 8000rpm, think about it. Revving high at the racing rpm range you will need a stronger lasting belt. To be able to last in a race is better than to celebrate engine sparkling fireworks on the track.
Doesnt mean you use Power Belt or HKS Belt or even Gates it can last for many years. The difference between racing and street is you dont overhaul the engines every 2 weeks and change the timing belt every now and then. Wear and tear plus the temperature underneath the hood will increase the risk of belt snapping.
The best way to double check is to remove and flip it over. When you bend it, you will know from the threads how long its gonna last. Doesnt mean it stiffens up and harden its dead. You cant tell by just looking at it and pressing it with your fingers.
The belt is worth between RM400-550.