Monday, April 23, 2007

Myth NOT Busted!

Shit happened. This is something i didnt expect although i know the consequences of pouring a hot water in a cold glass scenario. It happened last Friday while i was driving home on the highway. Before that my car was parked in the open-air from dawn till dusk. I felt the blistering heat last week when i heard some engine knocking on my car a day before the incident. Basically it was a fucken hot week.

It blew on my face in a split second and i didnt realise it. I can see glass splinters everywhere but the windscreen didnt break and fall on me due to the windscreen lamination. I was using the original Mitsubishi single layer laminated glass (oldschool). After a few seconds i had to slow down my car and drive all the way home with speed from 110km/h to 70km/h. You may think im crazy to drive that speed but on the way home, i can see the dark storm building up. So i had to either speed or be a blind bat under the dinosaur rain. I had no time to panic instead i dashed all the way home and parked under the shade. I had to remove the bloody PIAA wipers for precaution to avoid swiping on broken glasses. The rain came and pour salt on the wound. It was hard to drive alone guessing the traffics.

I made a few calls to my buddies and made an appointment on Saturday to fix a new windscreen glass. It took less than 1 hour to install the new windscreen and definitely a lot of money.

Im using the original Proton double layer windscreen now. It comes with this greenish light tint on the top. The repair guy taught me to differenciate between double and single layer. According to him, now i can full throttle in the track without to worry windscreen shattering due to stone chips.

Due to this mishap, it demoralised me when i had plans to do the necessary for the upcoming race.

God willings, if everything goes well, i'll be at the track. If not, theres always the next race.


Things to learn : Get your screen cool down before turning the aircon.

Cost : Less than 1K including labour charges.

Thanks : To all the friends that helped me during that 2 days.