Monday, April 23, 2007

Custom Intake Manifold & Throttlebody

The faster you go, the more air and fuel you need to feed your engine. Some say "the stock manifold is enoughhhhhhhhhhhh alreadyyyy...." or ratherly, cut the intake and bore its limits. Typically said and done which you have heard and seen locally. We all know things are being calculated and designed precisely with a reason. The reason is to go faster and win.

If you are a HPI or DSport fanatic, i believe Hypertune intakes and throttlebodies are normal to you. Somehow or rather, i think Hypertune products are the nicest. I have seen many intakes made from different metalworks shop, even JUN doesnt come this neat and prolly cheaper than JUN.

Im not being absurd, if i have a need to go faster plus the right amount of budget, this is on my wishlist automatically.