Monday, April 23, 2007

Used Honda B-Series Type-R Retainers - Delayed Posting

Since i got the request from my brother, thought i wanna just upload the pix to complete his Type-R valve terrain kit. Im not gonna be technical on this, retainers are very important and you should use the correct thickness and size. I noticed ppl love mixing Crower retainers with Jun springs and Jun retainers with Toda springs and other more claimed-to-be-okay combinations. Aftermarket retainers are better than conventional retainers which designed to suit specific engine requirements.

Maybe they should stop and think for a second why there are so many varieties of retainers in the market in the 1st place. Why they made it in such a way where the key factors of material used, thickness, weight and size to be look upon especially monkeying at 9000rpm.

You figure it out, im hungry.