Friday, April 13, 2007

Red Ceramic Coating?

I get many queries about my headers especially the coating part. Well, i did DIY on it and its a long and slow process. It would have turn out well if i had a little bit of time. Then again, its a learning process and maybe next time if i have another opportunity to do it again, it should be alright.

Why is it red? There was only Chevrolet Orangy Red available on the shelf and i got no other choices. They should bring more colours for me to fool around, hehe.

Just to sum-up :
(1) Krylon Rust-Tough Primer (1 Spray Can) -
(2) Duplicolor Engine Enamel With Ceramic 500F (1 Spray Can) -
(3) Ace 100 Grit Sandpaper Sponge (3 Pieces)
(4) Water Bucket (For Water Sanding Process)
(5) Clean Towels (3-5 Pieces)
(6) Used Newspapers

The varieties available in Krylon and Duplicolor catalogs are superb. Check it out!

DIYs can be cheap and fun :
  • If you buy the right product and do it once.
  • If you pay more for a better quality brand that last longer.
  • If you have spare time and avoid mobile phone distraction.
  • If you dont rush and work in time pace.
  • If you wear proper safety goggles and face mask.