Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Since Good Things Are Hard To Get....

1) Patience. All you need to do is wait and stick your main plan. You cant go wrong if you stick to your plans. If you start being fickle then everything you do is not enough. Do you have a list and propose budget? If no, better start and paste on the damn wall. It will tell you what to do. Have a set goal in mind. It may take months and years, but at least you complete your dream.

2) Shut-up. You need to wakeup early in the morning, go around and start looking for parts that you want. You cant be hanging out all day and night on online forums and expect to find good things online. You cant be waking up at 2pm and expect the fresh goods to smell like hot buns. Dont expect to make miracle calls to friends since friends are calculative these days (yeah baby, we have a list of these monkeys). So, get your ass out and find out whats fresh from the containers. This way you will eliminate 3rd-party monkeys.

3)Price War. If you compare the prices now and before it would definitely be different. Dont play cars if you want to make money. Start buying houses and lands from now on. Market prices are controlled by the buyers actually. Its the people that made it expensive not the sellers. Prices are governed by enthusiats. If you start to ask about dead mummies, it will cost you a fortune and so do JDM rims. Are you willing to pay like the Americans?