Friday, April 06, 2007

CUSCO Hood Lock
I just realise the date today that it has been a year since i installed them.
The reason im blogging it again is to let you guys know my Cusco Lock started to fall apart.

My findings :
(a) The passenger's side nut came off from the bolt on the radiator bar.
[I suspect the hard engine mounts and the suspension might caused it to shake and drop]

(b) The driver's side hood lock side started to jam.
[I suspect rust building inside the key mechanism due to water]

My solution:
(a) Remove the nuts and bolts on the radiator bar.
(b) Leave the top hood locks, unless i want water to sip in and drip on my headlights.

My conclusion :
(a) I had enough of hood pins and locks for the time being.
(b) If you decide to buy one, park your car under shade areas at all times.