Friday, May 04, 2007

Mr. Mailman Came Last Week

Last week when the mailman came i had a big smile on my face. Feeling like a kid as usual, i rushed and opened the package. It was a complete set of brand new HKS M35i sparkplugs from SHHProShop. They had sponsered me for the last week's Sepang Drag Battle Round 2. 

Before this i was using NGK Iriway 7 which i had no problems at all. Since wear and tear is concern i had to swap to this new sparkplugs. The butt-dyno feeling is smoother now.

The important thing about sparkplugs is to know which is the right model to choose for your application. That is the reason why HKS made the S-series (Denso) and M-series (NGK) models. The variety of models are to suit personal budget and application.
Comparison Link :
NGK Iriway 7 : RM190-220
HKS M35i : RM260-240
NGK Competition : RM400-440

SHHProShop is the HKS Dealer for Brunei and East Malaysia. They have been selling aftermarket parts for many years. Their family business have grown from normal car spare parts to aftermarket performance parts. If you wish your car to be tuned professionally by the Japanese tuners, give them a buzz.

Thank you SHHProShop.