Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Master Brake Cylinder Upgrade

Towards the end of this year, God willings, im planning to do a 4-disc brake conversion. To cut the cost, i did a master brake cylinder upgrade last week. If you can see from the pix, the size comparison are definitely obvious. The double layer are commonly for the ABS system. If you have a GTi/Putra/Mivec pump, it would be sufficient for your stock setup unless you have upgraded your calipers then it would be necessary.
So i decided to settle with the VR4-RS model for my car. It took about 1 hour to fix and bleed the brake system. The feeling was better and the pedal braking wasnt low compared to before.
If you dont understand how a master brake cylinder works, you can go to this interactive link :
I believe some of you guys are into serious racing business where you need the adjustable hydraulic brake proportioning valves besides spending too much money on having the biggest brakes rotors and calipers. These valves have been specially designed for use in competition vehicles where it is desired to reduce the hydraulic line pressure and therefore braking effort to (usually) the rear brakes to compensate for varying track conditions or vehicle handling. You can buy brands like AP Racing, Wilwood. Tilton and etc.
Theres a good article on brake bias if you have free time to read :