Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The relief feeling is nice after putting the stock intake manifold
and throttebody back into my engine. The response is just addictive.
I could have just run zig-zag like a rodent on the highway to enjoy the
responsive power. Who wouldnt?

My fuel consumption for now for 300km(boosting) or
350km(relax) is RM50. If you drive your car daily and long distance,
you're able to comment it at the end of the day. There is no such
thing as not trying to test your own bloody vehicle unless ure Richie Rich.

I'd prolly get my car fully tuned again and hopefully, God willings, to
enter the 2nd round Sepang Drag Battle this month. My only hope is
to go in with Gabriel, a friend with a strong heart, to enter this drag battle.
The rest i wouldnt give a damn koz probably they should join the country's
badminton team and dream of winning only and not losing. If they were
gladiators, they would have died long time ago, not because of the big sword
through the heart but due to the shrunken-anxiety-balls disease.

May month just entered, i hope its a good month for myself and
the rest of my comrades.