Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Modding Matters

Cheap no good, good no cheap
Sometimes when it comes to car modding we need some
common sense. I believe in many ways that we do things
necessarily with a budget in mind. Too many ppl has gone
into dilemmas when it comes to new and used parts. By all
means, new are always good, but new are not cheap either.
By saving up, at the end of the day, u'll get what u want. What
is with the rush nowadays? I believe ppl want to have the
best in everything but due to commitment and other spending
expenditure, they just cant. So i don't blame ppl buying 2nd
hand parts koz things are just too expensive nowadays.

The good thing about DIY is you learn how to do things yourself
provided you have the right tools and equipment. DIY can be
a pain sometimes when things go wrong but does not mean you
are a failure unless you don't have patience. DIY can be hazardous
if you do things not according to steps and plans. Sometimes its good
to leave simple matters to the expert as they do it quick and no
hassle to us. Learning is good if only you have patience.

What is the limit? Im very sure we all know what is the power limit
when the horizon gets too quick and road dashes into our eyes in a blink.
The idea of modding a car is to suit your likings. Whether it is fast or
furious, it is still your own money that you are spending. By the time
the amount of money spent and the power you make hops on the dyno,
it wont be reliable and comfort. Imagine riding a raging bull everyday instead
of a horse. "Either you kill it or it'll kill you, Mr. Matador".

What is so hard of copying tuner's bodykit? Im still hitting my head on
the Durian fruit on why ppl cant just copy and follow the painting
scheme. I respect the new ideas and colour method, but big tuners has spent
millions on R&D to make the best. What is so hard about copying? Just follow
the time trend of the chosen brand car and use back the kits and colour.
Why paint a Murcielago colour on a 1989 car? Idiot.

By the book
Things may not seems to be the way compared to what we read on the book
or by theoretical. Nothing compares to real life situation. A book is just a
guideline for us to follow the steps to avoid unnecessary steps in a certain
process. But if you dont try to do what's in the book either, you wouldnt know
the results either. Guessing games are meant for gamblers not car enthusiats.

Facts and figures
I seldom see ppl sharing ideas and mods setup nowadays. I cant
pull my head out of my ass on why ppl would not want to have a
friendly chat about mods. I can see many ppl talk about it but i do
not see them doing it. Either they are bullshitting or they drive 1000whp
monster that deserves to be confidential. If the Shaolin Temple can open
the highgates to show the world, i dont see why you need to be so secretive
in some puny pistons when you are not even racing. Some ppl think they
are always right. How can they be always right when all the infos are
based on what the heard or read and not personal experience? Mofo innit?.

Who is the winner?
A person that knows what he/she is talking about, a person that
mods accordingly, a person that shows results, a person that puts the
power to the ground, a person that rides the car more than having it in
the workshop, a person that does not think who to whoop the next day
by modding, a person that open heartedly shares ideas and concept, a
person that enjoys critisism to gain knowledge and a person that makes
ppl go "wow" all the time.