Monday, May 08, 2006

How To Buy 2nd Hand Goods?

I'm not gonna write and yap about a long old bitch
story on how to sell things but im more concern about
the dummy ways of buying 2nd hand car parts, not for
dummies sometimes, for the commoners.

Lately by observation, people will do anything to get a good bargain
especially around Asia and in Malaysia itself. If they have to suck a dick,
i bet they'll do it to get it free. It started around this region
and i hope it'll end in this region too for God sake. The power of
bargaining is good sometimes, but it also can be business-fatal.

(1) Condition
Pristine? Cleanable? Worn out? Faded? Torn? Broken?
It may be 1 day or 10 years, some things has been brought forward
and travel a million miles God knows where from till it reaches our hand.
By just looking with you naked eye and holding it, u can actually know
whats good and whats not. Condition is what most people hope for but
sometimes you cant have too much hope either. It is more to having
good luck there days. If its good condition, why not? Anything 50/50
condition is still usable.

(2) Replaceable
Some things are sold cheaply due to the fact its
wearing out and sometimes its already spoilt/broken/dead/etc
which few people will still buy and fix it at a cheaper overall cost.
Good things are always expensive like i always say but good things
do lasts, sometimes forever. Compare a Swatch watch with Rolex
watch. It doesnt take a rocket engineer to make comparison. The
shine and the quality shows itself definitely. Some people may
want to sell it cheap in a rush with other future commitment in mind,
some people would want to roll the money for business use. Cheap
things doesnt mean shitty, cheap things comes after (1) condition.
Cheap things may fall if your luck is good, not all the time tho.

(3) Prices
2nd parts should be reasonable. In such a way that it has to be at
least 20% off the original brand new price. It can be half-price or
even cheaper as per sales requirement. You can buy it off and with
a willing heart and understand that it is still not brand new which
sometimes out of warranty. The risk is always there and prices
determines your seriousness of buying parts.

(4) Bargaining
The art of bagaining is not like playing poker.
People do see from your body language, your pathetic aura when
it comes to buying things. It takes a whole lot of skills to cut a
good deal. Does not mean you wank or talk the same way the
chances is high, far out more likely. You know when a monkey
wants a banana, he aint joking anymore. So bargaining
power lies in the cash in your hands and full persuasion.

(5) Long Term Business
People do get carried away and think magic tricks
will work 10 times. Good things dont come easy, good things dont come
cheap and good things can also start disputes. In a way, every bargain
is a good sign for a next business deal. If you keep bragging, kneeling
and boast on comparison, your name would be in anyones blacklist book.

Before i end my blog for today, below are some Top-10 sick 2nd hand deals :
(10) "The other brand is better, but i still want this"
(9) "It's a no-brainer but let me think about it........(6 months)"
(8) "I think you cant sell the stuff, wanna bet?"
(7) "I have cash but I pay you later (1 year time)"
(6) "I have to ask my gf first (queen control-ed)"
(5) "I dont need such powerful toys, but my aim is ONLY 350whp"
(4) "I sold mine last time cheaper than yours"
(3) "I took leave, send my monkey to school, stuck in jam, cheaper can?"
(2) "Can i return it back? My father scolded me for buying, please?"
(1) "Someone is giving me the same price BUT brand NEW!"

It's a classic.