Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Young Tuners

Im glad to see my group of friends are pursuing to something serious for once, which is EMS tuning. After years of spending too much money on the cars, its high time we sit down, brainstorm and learn about how to tune the bloody car.

At the moment, Zuhaili and Chris are busy tuning Hondata S100/S200 on Chris over-powered Mugen-ised DC2. With the help from Innovate, tuning AFR is no longer a problem. They are also using the HKS Knock Monitor to help them hear any knocking sound using a headphone. Most of their tuning are being done on road and late nights.

I myself will be going for Microtech Training at the end of this month. I hope i can revive my sick ideas of playing quad throttles on a Honda or even my engine again. Zuhaili will be joining the class too.

Once Hondata releases S300J in Malaysia, i think it will be easier for everyone to tune with USB. I hope i can learn too.

Hopefully Zuhaili will go for the MOTEC training in Sydney Australia in the future.