Friday, July 21, 2006

Building A Super Satria GTi?

Another young buddy of mine, Jason, very young at heart, blew few engines in the process of knowing what's right and wrong, finally set his mind and wanting to cross the line and seek the darkside.

Whatever in his engine bay has been modified, the car may look normal from the exterior and interior, but the money that has been spent is a lot. Growing in such an influential world is not easy for him. Building the impossible is his aim.

160whp? 180whp? 200whp? As for a friend, i want him to reach 180whp smoothly if possible. With the latest Microtech LT10s and a Australian-trained tuner, we hope to extract a nice impossible 200whp. God willings with strong heart and bit of cash, i think he can succeed.

Daily driven Super Satria Gti quad throttles with air-conditioned and good idle. Sounds good to me.

Pray hard and stay tuned for the results.