Monday, July 24, 2006

Rare JDM : 5-Zigen N1R

When i saw it the first time, i just couldnt resist it. I know its one of those hard-to-get jade items that u have to buy to make you sleep peacefully at night. After some negotiation with my brother, looks like he's the lucky one to get this rim. Not cheap tho.

Well, i bought and kept it for few month already. Waiting for my brother to come and pick it up for his 'teg.

Rims are used condition. But somehow i doubt the long usage as it looks like it hasnt been running more than 1000km. Its 15"x6". PCD 100 and offset +38. The rims are bloody light even my sister had fun carrying it using one hand. Basically its pristine condition, lickable i would say.

This rim comes in either dark grey, blue or red. It was meant for the track cars. Good for cars that are painted white or black. Very JDM, very noice.

Stay away from Eibach Meet or any JDM Meets, its NOT good for your health and wallet, ha ha.