Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fuel Mule *eeeee oooooooo eeeeeeeeee oooo*

Well, well, well, at last im done with my personal fuel testing. The low-fuel indicator was stuck on my gauge cluster at 464km, but i pushed it to 493km and refueled. I had to do it as im using some big-ass pressure fuel pump. So basically both fuel are the same in terms of kilometres in average. Don't have to be so kiasu about it, im using a semi-race engine and i tried to push for more kilometres. So both fuel are practically the same. If the difference are 50km at least, then i can actually comment on it. I dont know why ppl are still bad-mouthing about other fuel companies.

The only thing i noticed on SHELL fuel was it knocks during midnoon. I cant say that Malaysia weather has changed drastically in blink but yeah, my engine knocked. Maybe its a baby version of V-Power since V-Power knocks badly on my engine.

My other alternatives would be Caltex and ProJet. Fine with me.

Your engine, your choice. Im taking Primax 3.