Wednesday, July 26, 2006

As For Now

The scene is still hot but not as hot like the olden days like few years back i mean. Now, everyone is driving a 150k-onwards vehicle that pounds hard rubber traction to the ground. What has grown inside us are just the peer influence. Nowdays seldom do i see people appreciating what they have, do and mod. Whatever it is, they dont seem to be happy. Well hell yeah, i wish i had a money tree, but to have that satisfaction is something hard to talk about. Only our heart knows better.

Car prices are getting sick expensive. Fuel aint gonna be cheaper than now. Traffic jams. No proper track/drag courses. Roadblock bullies by the authorities. Taxes on aftermarket parts. The car prices alone are killing us, not brand new but reconditioned. We seem to pay double than other ppl in the world, prolly there are less fortunate car owners in other countries, but i feel like we are in those kind of countries except we dont use snow tyres.

Why do we have racing clans and cliques? Its because of the fame and glamourous life being in a group. Feeling secure in such group are boastful and pathetic. People grow fast and when everyone starts to disperse, eventually everyone will start to talk about what they missed last time. They didnt miss anything, they just forgot to appreciate time and what they have.

How fast is fast? If AMS can build a 1000whp AWD monster, would u wanna drive something that runs on methanol and go to the wet-market just for a bag of brinjals and onions? Maybe i would.

Enough with my ramblings and bitching. Im tired. Sorry but i dont get PMT or PMS. Haha.