Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New 5Zigen 4-2-1 EK9 VS Used Integra Type-R 4-2-1

My brother bought the brand new 5Zigen extractor for around RM1600. Hand carried back from Ireland. The used ITR extractor was bought in SS-Racing earlier this year for RM350 with used sensor. The exhaust gasket is RM120 brand new.

Both extractors came with 2.5" collector. The weight of the 5Zigen is light around 5.5kg. The ITR is as heavy as an elephant.

Both looked the same length and size.

Note : CTR 98-99 and ITR 96-97 are using 4-2-1 extractors. Only 98-99-00 ITR uses 4-1