Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mini Mods : Something is better than boring nothing

Walbro Fuel Pump 255L/hr

Ahh, finally i managed to install the Walbro fuel pump 255l/hr. The pathetic part about my Satria is the fuel tank has to drop off from the rear pan and then the fuel pump can be installed. Its not like those honda where u can remove the seats and unscrew the cover. At this moment, im very happy to hear the "whinning" bitching noise from my car. My mechanic thinks im going mad with the mods. My current RX-7 fuel pump is not dead just that i just wanna be sure its not in the process if dying especially when i have only 1 bloody car to go around. I just wanna accomodate my mods since its not going any slower.

How much brand new : RM 480-520, available in most aftermarket racing shops.
Installation time : According to my mech its 2 hours, but since im so lazy to wait, i left the damn car for 2 days. Haha.
Labour charges : Price may vary by tuner shops.
Other similar brands : 044 Bosch and Sard 265.