Monday, November 27, 2006

C-Pillar Bar/Boot Bar

Yes, i fetish about bars in my car. My dream about having the boot bar started since the boys in HT made me bucket-drool and nose-bleed at work. So i started to search for one. I know its impossible to find one but if youre lucky u might get one, 2nd hand that is.

After months of waiting and a lot of patience, i managed to get a 2nd unit from a good friend. It came out from a Honda Civic Ek 2-door. After the long wait and also a good bargain, yes it fell from the skies. I nearly (i think the raya holiday was the ultimatum period) ordered a J'sRacing for RM500 direct from Japan through our local J'sRacing distributor. So be it, its a EK model and mine is a Proton Satria. What the heck? Yes it wont fit but you have to custom fit it.

From my findings, my bar could be from any brand. It can be from J'sRacing, Blood-R (Blood Sports), Sergeant, MAS or M&M Honda. I have yet to get clarification from J's Racing as rumoured said the end holders are not actually black. Im waiting for the results as we speak.

I guessed theres a company in Japan that made for few tuners. Well it doesnt matter as long it function as how it should be. It strengthens the boot portion since my back half is empty.

Brand : J'sRacing
How much brand new : RM500 with sticker (From Japan)
Where to buy : Pentagon, Kuala Lumpur