Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daily Driven Mr. Clean

Louis is a childhood friend of mine that has a hygienic obsession when it comes to engine bay cleanliness. He drives the car daily to work, rain or shine. He drives a converted EF-7 CR-X with EF-8 exterior and DA-6 engine. He has Mugen side skirts and rear bumper. The spoiler is some unknown brand but looks good to me. No Mugen front bumper sadly to say.

I have given Hizam a 10/10 when it comes to car-keeping but Louis is a 11/10 person. He has been spending so much time on Honda-Tech and looks like this JDM thingy has influenced him the right way. Its good when you have some guidance to modify your car cosmetically. Some people just really have bad taste seriously. They just do not know what to mix and match. I will give Louis prolly another year for his cosmetic completion. Budget and lack of parts is always the key factors. Sometimes when you feel lonely, the Ah-Beng syndrome will get into you and you start to put allot of rubbish in the car.