Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2006 (KLIMS06)

Went to KLIMS06 last weekend. It was jammed packed
with people plus the school holiday period and early of the
month weekend. It was like sardines in every damn hall.
Thanks to Bobo we got the tix in advance. Although i have
a non-sophisticated camera, i didnt bother to carry them
as i know it will take time to snap and have a good steady
hands when snapping especially when it comes to juicy ladies.

Again, it was a international motorshow, some people
didnt read the big print carefully as they thought its gonna be
some Hot Import Nights or a carbon copy of Tokyo
Auto Salon. Too much expectation these days that led
to dissapointments. I had my 2 hours fun. The cars
were alright, the ladies are fine and the food are expensive.

The arrangement of the booth needs alot of fix. PWTC is not
a good place to hold such function where you have to walk
across river to go to another hall. I think KL Convention Centre
would be a good place. If you like thin, slender, overmakeuped,
weightless model ladies, they were everywhere. Dont expect
tanned honey-caramel boobies and booties like Import Tuner
or DSport to be posing on the cars.

Links to pix :
Http://www.zerotohundred.com (Your-Shot Section)
Http://www.photokaki.com (Events Section)

10 Tips for future event :
1) Try to go the first few days if possible. Working days

and within working hours. Take leave by all means.
2) Bring a minimum RM500.00 to buy original souvenirs.

Minimum i said. No ATM gyro can be found nearby.
3) Bring a videocam instead, zooming helps for you dirty

old-men, haha.
4) Have some meal before you go, everything is

double-triple at the event.
5) Be nice to the ladies and prolly u can get their number,

6) Wear shoes. Sandals and thongs are gonna hurt anything
more than 2 hours of standing and walking.
7) Wear casual and light or anything breathable.
8) Go in small packs of friend, too big is bad for over-excited

9) Do not drive your modded car, prime time for car thieves

and jackers. Keep laptops at home for godsake.
10) Look and appreciate, if you are a keen buyer, ask them

to start the engine.