Friday, June 30, 2006

Headlight + Signal Upgrade

Actually i like the Wira/Satria Limited Edition And Satria R3 headlights and signals. They are black housing both. But then again, they are sick expensive like RM8XX for a set of brand new headlights and signals from the sparepart counter. The Taiwanese versions are either ala Altezza or crystalish or fully black entirely. I dont dig flashy kinds, prefer to stay suttle.

After the long wait, i decided to get a 2nd grade version whereby its not STANLEY brand just a replacement brand for those unlucky owners. Its the same, no STANLEY stampings and the signals only has black shades towards the headlight and not entirely. Its made in Malaysia incase if you are asking. So far no leaks and they shine good at night.

Total cost brand new headlights and signals are RM2XX plus delivery.

I saved RM600 and for something that hits stone chips on the highway daily, this is definitely bang-for-the-buck.

ps. yeah, thats my Cusco Hood Lock in the pix.