Friday, June 30, 2006

Rollcage Pix, As Promised

Ive been driving with the rollcage for couple of months already. I plan to keep it permanently. My car feels better and stiffer during launching and taking corners. I hear less cabin noises/squeeks compared to before.

Anyway, here are the pix. Click it to enlarge. If you dun like rollcages, u can try do auto-foaming like what my buddy Andrew did on his car. Its like JUN Auto Mechanic foams but cheaper.

The story about my rollcage is in the previous posts. The brand is UNKLE from Shinya Yamauchi Rallye 6-Point which is similar to SAFETY21, which i think it is SAFETY21. Its black and it came with rollpads.
Its a no-through-dash model.

The good thing about 6-Point than 7-point is you dont have to tint ya back to be spotted by the authorities as 7-Point ones comes with the crossbar, also you gotta remove your sun visors to install rollcage in your car.

Since i have the R3 Sticker, it sticks nicely on the head bar.